Eclipse Xmas Show 2017

Ismae playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Ismae playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Well the plan for the weekend was thrown out slightly on Friday and the usual Eclipse Xmas Show dress rehearsal was regretfully missed but I arrived bright and early at the Pemberton Centre in Rushden, East Northants on Saturday.  I’d been invited back to photograph their latest show and it would prove to be a massive hit.

Now that Ellie is not part of the Acro squad and only gets to the club when she can, and under her own steam (Dad’s taxi service is no longer required), I don’t get to see the practice sessions so learning that the format this year would be brand new was a surprise.

There would be no breaks between squads performing, no breaks in the audio track, just one track for part one and another for the second half of the show.  So, no chance to rethink camera settings, no chance to check memory cards, it was just a full on session x 3.

Anyway, the show was a massive success and congratulations to everyone that helped to prepare and stage the show and a huge well done to all of the gymnasts who put on a wonderful show yet again.  I only hope that I have done the club justice in the photographs captured during the three performances.

All of the photographs are now available on in the Eclipse Gymnastics club photo gallery.  You’ll need the username and password which is only available from the club’s officials.  Sorry, but my own child protection policy does not  permit me to supply the login details to anyone.  If you are associated with the club, you’ll know who and where to ask for the details.

I hope that you all enjoy the images.


Archers of Raunds Portsmouth Tournament Gallery

archers-of-raunds-220117I had another great day with Archers of Raunds capturing images from their Annual Open Portsmouth Archery Tournament last Sunday.

I’ll create a blog posting with a little more about the day, but this is a quick note to let everyone know that the Tournament Gallery has now been uploaded to the main Archers of Raunds gallery on

The tournament gallery is linked from the Home page in the usual manner.  The gallery is not password protected and the parents of all juniors under the age of 18 have given written consent for their child’s images to be included in the gallery.

Please contact if you were one of the tournament attendees and you wish to acquire any of the images.

M4Photo takes People’s Choice award

Hay Bales at SunsetOver the summer I have been uploading some of my images to a handful of photographic websites where people can view, comment and, on some of the more competition based sites, they can vote for their favourite image.

The Harvest at Sunset image above, was entered into a ‘Harvest Time’ photo challenge on over the summer and I received an email this afternoon to say that it had won the ‘People’s Choice’ award.  The URL below will take you to the award page.

Another image won the overall competition which was judged by the person setting the competition and mine won for the most votes by the general public using the site.  It would have been nice to be the overall winner because they are looking for the most technically correct and pleasing image, but without the leading lines in mine I was extremely excited to have my award which required a far wider level of appreciation.

Maybe I can do this photography lark and maybe I’ll try to get out and about a little more. 

Eclipse at Rushden’s Party in the Park

Rushden's Party In The ParkWhat a way to spend a birthday, weekly shopping in the morning and then photographing a couple of sessions at Party in the Park and some of the birds of prey as well.

The first part of the afternoon was spent photographing one of the ballet routines for one of the mums.  I’m not permitted to upload those images but it was interesting trying to shoot one of the younger girls at the back of the stage and in deep shade, whilst all around the sun beamed down.  Despite the conditions, I captured a few reasonable images and the best of the bunch is sitting on my desk drying ready for framing a little later.

It was then off to Eclipse and the main reason for me being at this years Party In The Park.  Eclipse would be performing three routines and they began with Acro followed by one of the first public outings for the Cheer squad.  Both were shot wide angle to try to capture the full width of the routines whilst sitting relatively up close.  Some of the parents got some good shots also, so I think that we have all the bases covered.

The final routine was the senior display squad.  This was all trampette work and I took advantage of some decent light for once and again got in really close with the wide angle lens to get some good action shots.  I opted for a smaller F-Stop to get a good depth of field and next time I’ll wind it out a little more to blur the large crowd that was watching.  However, I like the images with the crowd because it gives some depth and purpose to the images at this well attended event.

I was unable to stay for the second falconry display, but whilst there I took the opportunity to grab a few images of the birds or prey on their stands and resting between flying sessions.  some of those images will find their way onto my website very soon and maybe one or two onto my Flickr feed.

All in all, another successful day out with the camera and roll on the next opportunity.

Time To Breathe

Time To Breathe

Time To Breathe

Time To Breathe are an amazing local Pink Floyd tribute band and a wonderful bunch of guys and girls.  The music was outstanding and the vocals during Great Gig In The Sky, were just wonderful.  It was great to be there listening to the band, but being given the chance to photograph the day, it was more work that pleasure on this occasion.

2014 is going to be a strange year for M4Photo.  I now have the camera but I still have a huge list of things to purchase on my wish list.  However, the first priority is to test myself and get out there.  So, seeing the Time To Breathe promotional banner in the Pemberton Centre‘s reception, I dropped the band an email to ask if I could photograph the day.  To my surprise and excitement, I got a yes please reply.

So, earlier today and with my kit packed and batteries fully charged and ready to go, I headed  off to the venue for a long day.  Everyone within the band were very nice and they made me feel welcome from the off.  With a ‘go anywhere’ brief, both before and during the show, this was going to be a great day.

I started by taking a few shots of the band setting up the stage and then some during the sound and lighting checks.  Most of these were to plan for the evening and looking at the running order of tracks, I was going to be everywhere.

There is not too much to say about shooting a music gig.  The lighting is often low and very changeable, the stage was small with all of the bands kit on it and getting into position when the lighting was right was the biggest challenge.  As with all shoots like this one, many images would find the cutting floor, but I was really pleased to find that the vast majority of the images made the website.

Better still, Big Rock Promotions have already used a couple of the images and the Pemberton Centre have requested a number of images for future promotional use.  The comments from the band were also very welcome and encouraging, especially as I have never undertaken a shoot of this kind before.

The images will be published shortly when the website goes live and I will edit this posting to include the link to the Time To Breathe gallery which will be an open gallery so people can see what I produce.


UPDATE:  The Time to Breathe gallery can be viewed by clicking here and those of you that like the saxophone, I have created a separate gallery for Jon Hickson.