Getting from Point A to Point B

Fractured Highway

As we headed out of Furnace Creek in Death Valley on Route 190 Paul Reiffer (our workshop host and professional photographer) pulled the car over to the side of the road.  I been looking out of the side window thinking about the challenges to come and had not thought of looking behind us.  Paul had and when we jumped out of the car it quickly became evident why.

This is a classic view looking back down the road and it is one that I have seen a hundred times.  The difference this time was that it was my chance to try to go one step further.  So, with each of us watching the traffic whilst we each took our turn at capturing this iconic image, I set about getting my interpretation between cars, trucks and those rolling 18 wheel monsters that were coming over the rise a few hundred yards in the opposite direction to the image.

Well, it looks like I was not the only person to like my interpretation of the view.  Gurushots must have hundreds, if not thousands, of images similar to this on their database, but it is my image (just one of 38) that has been used to provide an example of getting from point a to point b.  There are some wonderful images that have been used in the article and I’m proud to have yet another of my images used in this manner.

You can see the full article here.



Well that was a surprise!!!

mainFor some time I have been considering creating a  photo book of my images from my Californian road trip earlier this year and some of the other images that I have captured in my first year following the tuition from Paul Reiffer.  I still have a huge amount to learn and only practice will help me to apply what I have learned both with Paul and following the workshop.  Anyway, with a special offer on this weekend, I decided to short list my images and take the plunge.

Part of this exercise has been to further process the images, after all these books are not cheap to get produced, even with a 50% discount offer.  I therefore decided to review them on my television because it is much bigger than my laptop screen and the resolution is also a lot better.  This has enabled me to zoom in much further and to remove some of the blemishes in the image from dust and marks on the sensor or lens.

Anyway, whilst working on the image above I had quite a surprise when zooming in to remove a small white blemish.  You can barely see it in the image above – If you look at the top of the yellow biplane’s wings and follow their line to the right, you’ll see the tiny white blemish just after the clouds flatten out.  It’s pretty much centre of the image in line with the biplane’s wings.

Zooming in, I found that the blemish is actually another aircraft, a commercial jet which has probably recently left Stansted Airport with a host of people off on their holidays.

zoomedIt really is amazing what you can find in your images when you have a good camera like my Canon 5D Mk III and you zoom in really closely.  Maybe I’ll take some time to see what else I have hidden away in some of my images 😉

Now this laborious job is complete, I’m really looking forward to receiving both of my books.  I have created one which is solely for the California road trip and one which will have other images from throughout 2015.