Eclipse Xmas Show 2017

Ismae playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Ismae playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Well the plan for the weekend was thrown out slightly on Friday and the usual Eclipse Xmas Show dress rehearsal was regretfully missed but I arrived bright and early at the Pemberton Centre in Rushden, East Northants on Saturday.  I’d been invited back to photograph their latest show and it would prove to be a massive hit.

Now that Ellie is not part of the Acro squad and only gets to the club when she can, and under her own steam (Dad’s taxi service is no longer required), I don’t get to see the practice sessions so learning that the format this year would be brand new was a surprise.

There would be no breaks between squads performing, no breaks in the audio track, just one track for part one and another for the second half of the show.  So, no chance to rethink camera settings, no chance to check memory cards, it was just a full on session x 3.

Anyway, the show was a massive success and congratulations to everyone that helped to prepare and stage the show and a huge well done to all of the gymnasts who put on a wonderful show yet again.  I only hope that I have done the club justice in the photographs captured during the three performances.

All of the photographs are now available on in the Eclipse Gymnastics club photo gallery.  You’ll need the username and password which is only available from the club’s officials.  Sorry, but my own child protection policy does not  permit me to supply the login details to anyone.  If you are associated with the club, you’ll know who and where to ask for the details.

I hope that you all enjoy the images.


Eclipse Gymnastics Gallery

eclipse-gymnastics-110616 Today was another quite amazing day with the guys and girls of Eclipse Gymnastics here in Rushden, East Northamptonshire.

I have been fortunate to have worked with the club for several years and I have seen some of the gymnasts grow within the club but it is still some of the new gymnasts that surprise me the most.  Their latest event, their annual internal competition, was no different with another group of new gymnasts to pictorially capture.

Whilst shooting you have to concentrate pretty hard to anticipate that next move, where the gymnasts will be, how long will they hold the move and how long do I have to get the shot (photograph).  However, this year’s competition saw a couple of routines where one of the gymnasts learned the whole routine the day before and one just a few minutes before the routine was to be presented to the judges.  It’s hard enough getting good images in the low light conditions that I have to work in, but my hat goes off to those youngsters that can produce a competition level routine and present it to judges within a few hours or minutes – a-m-a-z-i-n-g-!!!!

I guess that you could say that my job is pretty easy compared to such professionalism shown by such gymnasts.

Anyway, with the shots in the bag it was home for some post processing and to upload the gallery to  Eclipse Gymnastics’ growing library of galleries.  Parents can get to the gallery via the image included in this blog posting on  You’ll need the gallery username and password which is only available from one of the club’s officials.

I hope that you guys enjoy the images as  much as I enjoy capturing them for you.  I look forward to our next outing.

Eclipse Video Preview


As usual the Eclipse Xmas Show video has taken longer than anticipated to produce, mainly because it has been produced around paying work during my evenings and most of last weekend.

However, the first proof DVD has been given to Shoney and Terry for them to check for errors and spelling mistakes and then we should be good to go once the DVD label has been designed.

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that the preview video is now ready and uploaded to my M4Photo video channel and it an be found here –

This has been a labour of love and I have really enjoyed putting this show DVD together.  The more that I watch it, the more I appreciate the skills and acting talents that are to be found within the club.  All of the kids did themselves proud and I hope that most families will support the club by buying one of the DVDs and keeping a lasting memory of the performances.

The DVDs will only be available through the Pemberton Eclipse Gymnastics club, so please enquire at the club or through the club’s Facebook page.

I;d like to extend a big thank you to everyone involved in putting on the show and to Bob Grant who captured the footage for me on the day.  I hope that everyone enjoys this years DVD.

Eclipse at Rushden’s Party in the Park

Rushden's Party In The ParkWhat a way to spend a birthday, weekly shopping in the morning and then photographing a couple of sessions at Party in the Park and some of the birds of prey as well.

The first part of the afternoon was spent photographing one of the ballet routines for one of the mums.  I’m not permitted to upload those images but it was interesting trying to shoot one of the younger girls at the back of the stage and in deep shade, whilst all around the sun beamed down.  Despite the conditions, I captured a few reasonable images and the best of the bunch is sitting on my desk drying ready for framing a little later.

It was then off to Eclipse and the main reason for me being at this years Party In The Park.  Eclipse would be performing three routines and they began with Acro followed by one of the first public outings for the Cheer squad.  Both were shot wide angle to try to capture the full width of the routines whilst sitting relatively up close.  Some of the parents got some good shots also, so I think that we have all the bases covered.

The final routine was the senior display squad.  This was all trampette work and I took advantage of some decent light for once and again got in really close with the wide angle lens to get some good action shots.  I opted for a smaller F-Stop to get a good depth of field and next time I’ll wind it out a little more to blur the large crowd that was watching.  However, I like the images with the crowd because it gives some depth and purpose to the images at this well attended event.

I was unable to stay for the second falconry display, but whilst there I took the opportunity to grab a few images of the birds or prey on their stands and resting between flying sessions.  some of those images will find their way onto my website very soon and maybe one or two onto my Flickr feed.

All in all, another successful day out with the camera and roll on the next opportunity.

Eclipse smash it at Kings Lynn Gymnastics Club

eclipse-2015-kingslynnIt has been a busy couple of weekends at Eclipse and AoR, and this weekend I was over at Kings Lynn Gymnastics Club with Eclipse for one of their main external competitions.

The competition in Kings Lynn is one of the highlights on the Eclipse calendar and for some of the more experienced gymnasts, it is a chance to go up against some stiff competition.  For the younger, less experienced gymnasts, it is a chance to gain some valuable motivation and inspiration.  That came in spades during the lunchtime break when some of the best Kings Lynn tumblers put on an amazing display of their talents, including one lad who took on a move which ended in four rotations about the body – simply stunning.

That said, this year the gymnasts from Eclipse seem to have gone above and beyond.  Medals seemed to be coming left right and centre, from just about every category entered and every age group.  At one point the podium was completely blocked out (bronze, silver and gold) by nine of the girls from the club and getting some presentation photographs was often night on impossible with so many people moving around the podium.

The kids work really hard throughout the week on their acro routines and their tumble skills, and the coaches work just as hard to help get the best from the kids.  This weekend was a reminder of just how hard everyone at Eclipse gymnastics works, how that commitment on both sides can pay off and how a few people can help to enrich the lives of so many kids and their families.  Eclipse is a wonderful friendly club and all credit to Terry and his team who have built up this ‘family’ of gymnasts over the last few years.

Well done to everyone involved.

Anyway, the photographs from the weekend are now online and available in the usual Eclipse Gymnastics photo gallery.  If you need the username and password, please ask one of the coaches.  For child protection reasons, I’m not permitted to share the login details with people.

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

It’s been a little bit of a rushed job, but I know that a number of the kids wanted to see the photographs online ASAP. They are now available in the usual Eclipse Gymnastics gallery on

As usual, please ask one of the coaches for the username and password. For child protection reasons, I am not permitted to give it out to anyone because I don’t know everyone associated with the club or a child at the club any longer.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs and I plan to be at the club on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening with the laptop and printer. Just tap me on the should if you want to look at anything or purchase an image.

Finally well done to all the kids who competed today. I have watched many of you develop over the last few years and the standard just gets better and better. The routines were awesome and the first timers did just great.

Congrats to everyone concerned.

Playing with Black and White.

Black & White Gymnastics Photograph.Following a few discussions with a few people I have been playing around with Black and White for a couple of my sports images.  I have uploaded two images to my 500px page and I have been getting some nice feedback from people online, via email and offline.

The image above is one of my favorites.  It was taken as I was turning around and I had a split second to capture the togetherness of the two girls as they were warming up for the main gymnastics session.  The focus is slightly off of their faces and owing to the low light available, the depth of field was very shallow.  Despite the slightly soft faces, I really like this image, not least because it really encapsulates the friendliness of the whole club.

You can view a larger resolution example and also a black and white image of an archer in a similar casual moment on my 500px page.