Another trip out with the Canon 7D, 18-135mm kit lens.

archers-of-raunds-18032017Today and another archery competition.  Today, Lauren was registered for her first away from home competition in a little over three years and she would be joining three other AoR archers competing at the Fenland Archery Club, based in Whittlesey, Peterborough.  With only four archers to concentrate on, I thought that it was another good opportunity to take along the Canon 7D with the 18-135mm kit lens and see how it performs.

The 5D with my Pro glass will continue to be my lead equipment for events, but this backup camera is certainly surprising me with its reach and quality.  It is great that the body is almost identical to the 5D and I have found myself right at home from the off.  I miss the bulk afforded by the addition of the battery grip, but this body is all about what I can capture with a relatively light camera system.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the images that I captured in the sports hall spanning three badminton courts and those images are now available online for the four archers, if they want them.

As far as the tournament was concerned, well everyone appeared to have a good time.  The venue was good and everyone at the shoot was very friendly and the shoot was generally very well run.  With regards to the four AoR archers, they all had a good solid shoot with everyone pushing their personal best scores.  Considering Lauren has not shot 20 yards since January and she had no sight marks when we arrived, she did extremely well to claim fourth place and about 15 points off her personal best.


Archers of Raunds Portsmouth Tournament Gallery

archers-of-raunds-220117I had another great day with Archers of Raunds capturing images from their Annual Open Portsmouth Archery Tournament last Sunday.

I’ll create a blog posting with a little more about the day, but this is a quick note to let everyone know that the Tournament Gallery has now been uploaded to the main Archers of Raunds gallery on

The tournament gallery is linked from the Home page in the usual manner.  The gallery is not password protected and the parents of all juniors under the age of 18 have given written consent for their child’s images to be included in the gallery.

Please contact if you were one of the tournament attendees and you wish to acquire any of the images.

Eclipse Xmas Show images online


The images from Friday evening’s Eclipse Gymnastics Back To The Future Xmas show are now online for viewing.  You can find the link from and the coaches at the show tomorrow will have the usual Username and Password which is required to access the private gallery.

All of these images will be available for purchase and printing at the show in either 6×9″ or 6×4″ formats.  Other formats, including the digital .jpg option will be available to order online (email) after the show.

In addition, I’ll be taking a lot more images at the three shows on Saturday and those will also be posted online in the gallery once they have been processed.  I hope to have these done sometime late Sunday.

Roll on the main event in just a few short hours.

Eclipse Gymnastics Gallery

eclipse-gymnastics-110616 Today was another quite amazing day with the guys and girls of Eclipse Gymnastics here in Rushden, East Northamptonshire.

I have been fortunate to have worked with the club for several years and I have seen some of the gymnasts grow within the club but it is still some of the new gymnasts that surprise me the most.  Their latest event, their annual internal competition, was no different with another group of new gymnasts to pictorially capture.

Whilst shooting you have to concentrate pretty hard to anticipate that next move, where the gymnasts will be, how long will they hold the move and how long do I have to get the shot (photograph).  However, this year’s competition saw a couple of routines where one of the gymnasts learned the whole routine the day before and one just a few minutes before the routine was to be presented to the judges.  It’s hard enough getting good images in the low light conditions that I have to work in, but my hat goes off to those youngsters that can produce a competition level routine and present it to judges within a few hours or minutes – a-m-a-z-i-n-g-!!!!

I guess that you could say that my job is pretty easy compared to such professionalism shown by such gymnasts.

Anyway, with the shots in the bag it was home for some post processing and to upload the gallery to  Eclipse Gymnastics’ growing library of galleries.  Parents can get to the gallery via the image included in this blog posting on  You’ll need the gallery username and password which is only available from one of the club’s officials.

I hope that you guys enjoy the images as  much as I enjoy capturing them for you.  I look forward to our next outing.

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

It’s been a little bit of a rushed job, but I know that a number of the kids wanted to see the photographs online ASAP. They are now available in the usual Eclipse Gymnastics gallery on

As usual, please ask one of the coaches for the username and password. For child protection reasons, I am not permitted to give it out to anyone because I don’t know everyone associated with the club or a child at the club any longer.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs and I plan to be at the club on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening with the laptop and printer. Just tap me on the should if you want to look at anything or purchase an image.

Finally well done to all the kids who competed today. I have watched many of you develop over the last few years and the standard just gets better and better. The routines were awesome and the first timers did just great.

Congrats to everyone concerned.