Archers of Raunds Portsmouth Tournament Gallery

archers-of-raunds-220117I had another great day with Archers of Raunds capturing images from their Annual Open Portsmouth Archery Tournament last Sunday.

I’ll create a blog posting with a little more about the day, but this is a quick note to let everyone know that the Tournament Gallery has now been uploaded to the main Archers of Raunds gallery on

The tournament gallery is linked from the Home page in the usual manner.  The gallery is not password protected and the parents of all juniors under the age of 18 have given written consent for their child’s images to be included in the gallery.

Please contact if you were one of the tournament attendees and you wish to acquire any of the images.


M4Photo takes People’s Choice award

Hay Bales at SunsetOver the summer I have been uploading some of my images to a handful of photographic websites where people can view, comment and, on some of the more competition based sites, they can vote for their favourite image.

The Harvest at Sunset image above, was entered into a ‘Harvest Time’ photo challenge on over the summer and I received an email this afternoon to say that it had won the ‘People’s Choice’ award.  The URL below will take you to the award page.

Another image won the overall competition which was judged by the person setting the competition and mine won for the most votes by the general public using the site.  It would have been nice to be the overall winner because they are looking for the most technically correct and pleasing image, but without the leading lines in mine I was extremely excited to have my award which required a far wider level of appreciation.

Maybe I can do this photography lark and maybe I’ll try to get out and about a little more. 

11th in Gurushots Challenge

I was recently excited to notice that one of my images had been selected by one of the Guru’s in one of the Gurushots Challenges.  I have since been watching that challenge and getting more and more excited as I worked my way up the rankings.

With nearly 3000 people having entered over 9,000 images I was pleased to make it into the top ‘All Star’ ranking and then to make the top 50 places.  However, this got better an better and today I found myself in 11th place.

I am not one of life’s winners and I would never dare to hope for one of the top spots, but to say that this has rounded off a nice day would be an understatement – I’m gobsmacked.

I have also managed to make All Star in another challenge and earlier this evening I entered my Poppies image and three others into a back-lit challenge.  Those images are also doing well with reaching 33rd place at the moment out of 1,140 entrants.  With 20 days of voting left to run on that one, it’ll be another interesting challenge to watch.

To s

Eclipse smash it at Kings Lynn Gymnastics Club

eclipse-2015-kingslynnIt has been a busy couple of weekends at Eclipse and AoR, and this weekend I was over at Kings Lynn Gymnastics Club with Eclipse for one of their main external competitions.

The competition in Kings Lynn is one of the highlights on the Eclipse calendar and for some of the more experienced gymnasts, it is a chance to go up against some stiff competition.  For the younger, less experienced gymnasts, it is a chance to gain some valuable motivation and inspiration.  That came in spades during the lunchtime break when some of the best Kings Lynn tumblers put on an amazing display of their talents, including one lad who took on a move which ended in four rotations about the body – simply stunning.

That said, this year the gymnasts from Eclipse seem to have gone above and beyond.  Medals seemed to be coming left right and centre, from just about every category entered and every age group.  At one point the podium was completely blocked out (bronze, silver and gold) by nine of the girls from the club and getting some presentation photographs was often night on impossible with so many people moving around the podium.

The kids work really hard throughout the week on their acro routines and their tumble skills, and the coaches work just as hard to help get the best from the kids.  This weekend was a reminder of just how hard everyone at Eclipse gymnastics works, how that commitment on both sides can pay off and how a few people can help to enrich the lives of so many kids and their families.  Eclipse is a wonderful friendly club and all credit to Terry and his team who have built up this ‘family’ of gymnasts over the last few years.

Well done to everyone involved.

Anyway, the photographs from the weekend are now online and available in the usual Eclipse Gymnastics photo gallery.  If you need the username and password, please ask one of the coaches.  For child protection reasons, I’m not permitted to share the login details with people.

AoR Tournament Gallery now online

aor_15albionwindsorI was at Archers Of Raunds with camera again yesterday with the remit of capturing some general images for use on the club’s website, blog and for promotional purposes.  The tournament was extremely well run again and I was pleased to try out the new lens extender to get in a little closer whilst shooting from the sidelines.  The results are a little soft but the equipment still helped me to capture a few good shots.

Debbie, please let me know which images you need and in what size for publicity purposes and I’ll get those to you.

In the meantime, a number of the competitors at yesterday’s archery tournament at Archers Of Raunds were asking me about where they can view and order the photographs from.  I am pleased to confirm that they are now online here.

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

Eclipse 2015 Internal Competition

It’s been a little bit of a rushed job, but I know that a number of the kids wanted to see the photographs online ASAP. They are now available in the usual Eclipse Gymnastics gallery on

As usual, please ask one of the coaches for the username and password. For child protection reasons, I am not permitted to give it out to anyone because I don’t know everyone associated with the club or a child at the club any longer.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs and I plan to be at the club on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening with the laptop and printer. Just tap me on the should if you want to look at anything or purchase an image.

Finally well done to all the kids who competed today. I have watched many of you develop over the last few years and the standard just gets better and better. The routines were awesome and the first timers did just great.

Congrats to everyone concerned.

Archers of Raunds Tournament Images

AoR 2015 Open Portsmouth Tournemant GalleryToday was a long day at Archers of Raunds, but as usual it was an enjoyable one.  The archery competition was extremely well organised and it ran without a hitch.

I was there with my camera to capture as many decent shots as possible.  Archery is always difficult to photograph at club level because you are always way off to one side and out of the safety zones or behind the archers.  Today was no different and in some respects much worse.

The shoot was a busy one with targets stretching right across the hall and the shooting line was equally as busy with competitors standing just a couple of feet from each other.  This makes front on photographs impossible during the indoor season and side on shots almost as impossible because you have to remain behind the waiting line.  However, therein lies the challenge and with two International archers in session three, I was not ready to give up too quickly.

Anyway, the images should be on the website by the time you read this posting.  The images from today can be found in the Archers of Raunds gallery using the image copied above.