Another trip out with the Canon 7D, 18-135mm kit lens.

archers-of-raunds-18032017Today and another archery competition.  Today, Lauren was registered for her first away from home competition in a little over three years and she would be joining three other AoR archers competing at the Fenland Archery Club, based in Whittlesey, Peterborough.  With only four archers to concentrate on, I thought that it was another good opportunity to take along the Canon 7D with the 18-135mm kit lens and see how it performs.

The 5D with my Pro glass will continue to be my lead equipment for events, but this backup camera is certainly surprising me with its reach and quality.  It is great that the body is almost identical to the 5D and I have found myself right at home from the off.  I miss the bulk afforded by the addition of the battery grip, but this body is all about what I can capture with a relatively light camera system.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the images that I captured in the sports hall spanning three badminton courts and those images are now available online for the four archers, if they want them.

As far as the tournament was concerned, well everyone appeared to have a good time.  The venue was good and everyone at the shoot was very friendly and the shoot was generally very well run.  With regards to the four AoR archers, they all had a good solid shoot with everyone pushing their personal best scores.  Considering Lauren has not shot 20 yards since January and she had no sight marks when we arrived, she did extremely well to claim fourth place and about 15 points off her personal best.


Another Challenge Done!!

Well I think that was another successful project.  Sometime ago I set about rebuilding the Archers Of Raunds website and I decided to keep it fully responsive to support desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  In addition, I wanted to use M4Photo images throughout the website.  The final result is a great looking website with (I hope) some good photography to accompany each page in the site.

If you are interested in trying archery or you would like to take a beginners course, please contact Archery GB qualified head coach Tony at

Roll on the next challenge.


M4Photo Image makes Magazine

IMG_20160121_0002Admittedly this is another freebie and one day I’ll begin getting royalties for my images being used commercially, but I am pleased to have one of my recent Archers of Raunds images published in Archery GB’s Winter 2015 edition of their magazine.

The full colour glossy print magazine goes out to all GNAS members and that will means thousands of archers around the UK and on page 46 they will see my image of Brad Denny presenting one of his Youth Olympic shirts and a few other keepsakes to young Sammy.

Sammy suffers from muscular dystrophy and I was pleased to be able to capture some very precious memories of Sammy’s day shooting with Brad and other archers at Archers of Raunds.  These images have all been given to the family and I hope that they will provide them with fond memories of a great session where Sammy shot and collected a number of arrows, helped by Geoff.

Getting another image published in this manor is great for me and I take pride in people wishing to use my images in such a way.  However, it remains my ability to create lasting memories for local clubs and the local community that keeps me out there capturing these shots.

If you are reading this and you are associated with a club (or similar organisation) in the Northamptonshire, west Bedfordshire or north Buckinghamshire area and you would like to capture precious moments like this for your club and visitors, please drop me a line to and I’ll be pleased to discuss what I offer and how you might be able to benefit from my usually free to attend service.

Archers Of Raunds Open Day

AoR 2015 Open Day

AoR 2015 Open Day

You could say that today was a warm one, well it was standing out in the sunshine all day long on an archery field.

Today, I would be heading back over to Archers of Raunds to cover the clubs 2015 Open Day.  This is an opportunity for the club to share the delights of archery with the local community and to give them that opportunity to come and meet the club members, talk about archery in general and to pick up a bow and have a go themselves.

Clearly a good time was had by everyone and the whole event was well run as usual, with several opportunities for all ages to shoot, some light refreshment to be indulged in during some pleasant chat about archery or life in general and the weather was favourable as well.

Anyway, for those of you that are interested, the photographs from the event are now online and they can be viewed in the Archers Of Raunds gallery on

AoR Tournament Gallery now online

aor_15albionwindsorI was at Archers Of Raunds with camera again yesterday with the remit of capturing some general images for use on the club’s website, blog and for promotional purposes.  The tournament was extremely well run again and I was pleased to try out the new lens extender to get in a little closer whilst shooting from the sidelines.  The results are a little soft but the equipment still helped me to capture a few good shots.

Debbie, please let me know which images you need and in what size for publicity purposes and I’ll get those to you.

In the meantime, a number of the competitors at yesterday’s archery tournament at Archers Of Raunds were asking me about where they can view and order the photographs from.  I am pleased to confirm that they are now online here.

Archers of Raunds Tournament Images

AoR 2015 Open Portsmouth Tournemant GalleryToday was a long day at Archers of Raunds, but as usual it was an enjoyable one.  The archery competition was extremely well organised and it ran without a hitch.

I was there with my camera to capture as many decent shots as possible.  Archery is always difficult to photograph at club level because you are always way off to one side and out of the safety zones or behind the archers.  Today was no different and in some respects much worse.

The shoot was a busy one with targets stretching right across the hall and the shooting line was equally as busy with competitors standing just a couple of feet from each other.  This makes front on photographs impossible during the indoor season and side on shots almost as impossible because you have to remain behind the waiting line.  However, therein lies the challenge and with two International archers in session three, I was not ready to give up too quickly.

Anyway, the images should be on the website by the time you read this posting.  The images from today can be found in the Archers of Raunds gallery using the image copied above.

TS Collingwood Raunds Division at AoR

Today, Archers of Raunds played host to the cadets and some of the parents of the cadets from TS Collingwood, Raunds Division.   More at home on the water, most of the cadets showed that they can also turn their hands to archery and I think that a good time was had by all.

As usual, I had my camera to hand and armed with the new Canon 2x Extender, I was able to take full advantage of the extra reach (up from 200mm to 400mm at full stretch) and came away with a few good photographs of the cadets shooting on the AoR Have-A-Go targets.

The gallery has now been uploaded to the M4Photo website and it is accessible from the site’s Home Page and the usual gallery location page.  The gallery is password protected and any of the cadets and their family members can get the username and password from John at TS Collingwood.

As always, I hope that the cadets enjoy the photographs and a lasting reminder of a good afternoon that was had by all.