More Recognition


As many of you will know, I occasionally put some of my images onto Gurushots, mostly  just to gauge how well they are received. Gurushots is an online resource where photographers can upload their images to different challenges, people then vote on their favourite images and as you get votes you climb the rankings.  I usually wind up somewhere in the top 5% and I have been in the top 1 and 2% on a few occasions.

However, what I really like is when the Guru selects one of my images as worthy of their vote.  The Guru being the person who set the challenge and who naturally has their own idea about what makes a good photograph within the definition of the challenge.

I have had a couple of my images that have been voted for but the current cityscape challenge is one that has some great images.  There are some great city skylines around the world and some amazing photographers capturing them.

This morning was one of those special days.  Overnight I have received notification that one of my Bay Bridge shots from my road trip with Paul Reiffer has made the grade, got noticed and it has been awarded a vote by the Guru.  In the images above, that accolade is noted by the star.

Paul advised and educated me throughout the two week long road trip and this was one of the last locations that we shot together.  I was able to bring everything that I had learned together and his workshop style tuition definitely paid off on this occasion.

Paul is running more workshops all around the world and you can find out more about his amazing work and these special workshops on his website using the two links.

You can see more of my work from the road trip on my website here.


Down Town Houston from rather a long way away.

Down Town Houston, Texas.

Down Town Houston, Texas.

The Omni Hotel where I am staying is about 7 miles from down town Houston but the high-rise part of the city can be seen above the tree line from my hotel window.  It therefore threw down a challenge to see what I could get.

This image is no where near Paul’s work but I won’t apologise for the quality of the shot.  I was unable to get onto the hotel roof and the top floor of the hotel’s car park is too low and most of the skyline is then obscured behind the Houston Memorial Park three line.  This image is therefore taken on my extended 70-200 mm lens through a rather dirty window nine floors up.

This shot was taken at night and with just a small amount of late twilight picking out some of the late evening clouds in the sky.