The value of the M4Photo DVD

Because I have been working with a few clubs for several years, I have recently allowed some people to purchase DVDs crammed with their images, sometimes this can include a hundred or more image files and, as usual, these come with the normal M4Photo Reproduction Agreement.

However, a few people have questioned the cost with me and what they can do with the images on the disk.  During those discussions, I have mentioned about the countless Photobook opportunities that the photo labs are offering at the moment and at very reasonable prices.

These Photobooks can be used to create a lasting memory of a single event, such as my visit to Duxford for the Battle of Britain Memorial display last year and my photo trip to California (in the images above).  These books can also to form a wonderful timeline for parents where I might have captured photographs over several years, such as with Eclipse Gymnastics.

These Photolabs offer more than just Photobooks.  They include mugs, canvas prints, mousemats and a hundred other things, all of which the images on the disk can be used for.  ASDA in Rushden also have a new print lab which offer a good number of items that make great birthday presents using the images on the disk.

I used Photobox sometime ago and I’m constantly receiving discount vouchers via email for additional products.  I am not associated with, nor recommending Photobox, but you can see their Photobooks here.  Creating your Photobook is very easy.  You simply choose the type of book that you want and which fits your budget, choose a template and drop in the photographs and any text that you might wish to include.  The website will flag up any images that might have some printing issues (too dark, too light, etc.), but I found that my Photobooks were pretty close.

Anyway, this is just one reason why I made the DVD available and with so many options to use the images time and time again, it really is great value for money where I have caught a fair number of your images.  If you would like to know more please drop me an email via with a brief note about your query and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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