How long and Why?


I have recently been asked a number of times how long I have been offering my event photography services and why I offer the service that I do to local clubs in the Rushden and surrounding area.

The answer to the first question is easy, it has been a little over two years since I purchased my professional camera gear and published   In that time I have supported our local gymnastics club (Eclipse Gymnastics), a couple of archery clubs including Archers of Raunds, and a handful of other organisations, such as Revelation Software in the UK and the USA.  I was fortunate to have shot Time To Breathe in the early part of the two year period and a Red Bull event in Nottingham.  Quite a mix.

As for why, that is a little more complicated but it largely comes down to because I can.  I was fortunate to come into some cash which enabled me to buy some decent gear to get me started and selling my images has enabled me to invest in more gear to extend the services offered.  It also appears that customers like my images and many people come back time and again for prints and digital images files and it is nice to support my local community.

However, the real reason is not for the money (I run M4Photo as a not for profit at the moment) nor is it for the challenge.  That is a good job really, because with so many cameras around and everyone now being a photographer, there is not a lot of cash in event photography at my level.  It is to create memories for people and my reward is the look on people’s faces when the are handed their print and the comments from people who appreciate a nice image of themselves or a family member.

I seems to have hit on a business model that works for me and my customers.  I shy away from printing at the event and prefer to concentrate on getting the best images possible at the event and then to undertake some very subtle post processing before uploading the images to my website.  I prefer people to buy the images that they ‘want to buy’, rather than people making a rush (or rash) decision at the event and I want to support clubs in making memories and to raise some extra funds along the way.

For me, this is more of a hobby business than a money making machine.  Whilst it is fun and I am putting smiles on people’s faces and getting some great feedback, as I have over the last few days, I’ll keep going.

If you run a club that is local to the Rushden area (within the Northampton, Bedford, Kettering and Milton Keynes circle) or you attend a club and would like to create some memories, please drop me a line to and I’ll be glad to talk through your requirements and to see if there is an opportunity to create a mutually beneficial working partnership.



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