Dance studio photo shoot

barbara-hooton-060716-earlsbartonThis afternoon I headed over to Earls Barton and the Barbara Hooton School of Dancing for the third of my three photo shoots with the dancers.  Whereas the earlier shoots were in shared halls, this one was in the schools main dance studio and very nice it is too.  Floor is pristine with mirrors on two walls and loads of light from two sides.  Nevertheless, the brief was costume shots and we defaulted to the studio and strobes for a third time.

During this shoot I had my first lesson.  When setting up, think about the sun and windows.  Yep, just after setting up the backdrop and the lights the sunlight crept around the corner and began to paint shadows and hot spots on the backdrop.  Time for a hasty rethink whilst the girls began to arrive.

Thankfully, the rest of the shoot went really well with the usual format of the younger dancers through to the teenagers and their point work.  The difference was losing the backdrop and working with the mirrors and light bouncing all over the place.  With only a couple of minutes to rework the setup, to lose one of the lights and get good light from the one remaining light, balanced with the ambient light and being able to get far enough back to shoot in the studio – it was a fun balancing act and a test of my thinking on my feet.

Anyway, I think that we cracked the shoot and the gallery is now uploaded to and ready for the dancers to view online and, hopefully, purchase a few of the images.


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