Shooting on Point Today

barbara-hooton-050716-irthlingboroughThere are times when I really appreciate working for a great company and a great boss and today was one such day.  Booking an afternoon off work today and tomorrow, I was heading back to photograph more of the guys and girls at the Barbara Hooton School of Dancing.

Today would be a short two hour session and assisted by Ellie we were set up as the dancers began to arrive.  Following a quick lighting check and adjustment of the key light, we settled down to photograph the youngest members in their wonderful show costumes.  It is hard to get young kids to smile when they really don’t want to be in front of the camera and this is something that I will definitely have to work on with posed shots.  That said, we got some great shots and some that even I was pleased with.

Moving into the second hour and the teenagers were back with their modern, tap and ballet point shoes and this time they really knew what they wanted, so it was just a case of step-up and deliver from my side of the camera.  These girls are real performers and they really got into this shoot – another reason why visiting clubs and organisations multiple times really works.  When people know you, know how you work and can relate to you and relax, everything becomes so easy and falls into place.  I was amazed to find that some of the more difficult shots were nailed in one, despite me asking the dancers to try new things and to push themselves that little bit more.

I loved yesterday’s chosen image of the dancer jumping with the ribbon.  Today, it had to be one of the girls up on point and showing some beautifully graceful lines.  However, check out the shot below which was a first take shot right at the end of the shoot with a young lady that appears to just love playing to the camera.



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