Another new challenge

barbara-hooton-030716-finedonThis morning I found myself off to shoot something a little different, but something that would take me right back to my childhood.  It’s not a great secret that I spent a few years in the dance world. My sister was a ballet, tap and modern dancer and she went on to dance around the world after leaving school.  For a couple of these years, I indulged in tap and this was fairly useful to this mornings shoot.

Heading up to Finedon with the camera and light loaded in the car, I was off to work with the ladies at one of the several local dance schools, this time the Barbara Hooton School of Dancing.  The brief was simply to capture images of the girls and young ladies in their recent show costumes and I wanted to try to get a range of poses (standing, sitting and movement). Movement was going to be tough with the lights and room, but we got some nice shots with one of the ladies dancing with her ribbon and a few nice shots of tap dancers running through a short time step.

We started with the younger girls and progressed through tap, ballet and modern and up to the teenagers with ribbons, points and the like.  It was a busy shoot with a tight time limit and a lot to get through.

Nevertheless, I had a great time at the school and I hope that the girls did as well, some of them were far from camera shy and I hope that we got a few goods shots for their families.

The gallery is now online and  the username and password is available from the school officials.  As usual, please don’t ask me for a login because this is only available via the school.


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