Getting back to the memory.

Durdle Door Path - Copyright 2016 M4Photo.jpg

It is interesting to see your images on the computer screen in RAW format.  The colours and tones are usually quite a bit different to what you remember and this is because of the way that a camera sees an image, compared to our eyes.  For example, very often the shadow detail is lost in an image and the colours (for me at least) are often muted somewhat.

Someone recently said to me that this is subjective and no two people will look at the same scene in the same light at the same time and see exactly what the other person sees.  Our eyes are different and our brain interpret things differently.  Often our mood can also affect our view of the scene.

Taking all of this on board, I am now trying to get my images back to what I remember seeing at the scene.  An iPhone shot if the scene can often help, but even our smartphone applications are designed to enhance the photographs taken to make them more pleasing to the eye.

Anyway, above is an image that I have subtly post processed using some new rules that I have put in place for myself.  Essentially, this involves not moving the sliders in Lightroom too much and keeping the enhancements to a minimum whilst bringing out detail, shadows and colours as I remember them and to make the image pleasing but not ‘fake’.

Hopefully I have achieved this in this latest image from Durdle Door.  The test will be on the rest of my images from my weekend workshop with Paul and the guys in Dorset recently.


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