Photobox – Unboxing my new photo books.

Photobox1A year ago I was extremely fortunate to find myself in Las Vegas, California and waiting to meet three new friends, one of which had quickly become my idol in the photographic world. Paul Reiffer had helped me to make the ‘right’ choice when buying a new camera system and during this road trip and with his guidance, I was going to take some of my best landscape images yet.

Paul’s partner, Victoria looked after us (and our gear whilst on location) throughout the workshop, which enabled us to concentrate on the job in hand. Also on the workshop was Mark who I would be sharing a room with and thankfully we got on really well, challenged each other and worked together throughout the two week gig.

Jump forward nearly twelve months and I finally took the plunge to have those images brought together in a private book. Taking advantage of an offer by Photobox, I arranged to have, not one, but two A3 boxed books created and this video shows the quality of the books and the packaging that they came in.

I was very dubious about how the images would look in the book and whether the colours would be close to what I have on screen and they have got very, very close. There are plenty of options for book styles and then plenty of page layouts with the ability to resize and move things around to get exactly what you want. This video looks at some of the numerous layouts that I opted for.

Would I use them again, definitely and I do intend to have a 2016 book created. I just need to get out and take some more images and another gig with Paul and Victoria should result in some more stunning images.

My only criticism was the deadline for the offer that I wanted to take advantage of. It put me under more time pressure than I would normally have liked for a task such as this and yes I did miss one of my favourite images from the 2015 Photo Book. If it had been from the US trip I would have been gutted, but the missing image will make it into my 2016 book. What really annoyed me though was, after sitting up late and hitting their offer deadline with just 50 minutes to spare, they ‘EXTENDED’ the deadline by another two days. No need for me to have rushed and not a sales tactic that I appreciate.

Anyway, they made up for it in the quality of the finished product, so I’m only slightly miffed and I’ll know for next time.

You can see my un-boxing video here and I have also been asked for a more close-up video of the books and that will follow very soon.




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