How to really annoy me – Grrrrrrr


For quite some time, I have been considering creating a photo book of the images that I captured during my photographic workshop with Paul Reiffer in California nearly a year ago.  I had not decided on a supplier and for this reason and because of a lack of time, had put the idea on hold.

Enter Photobox and an email that I received a couple of days ago about their latest “FLASH SALE”.  With the option to save 30% or up to 50% on their product orders, this seemed like the ideal time to take the plunge and see what these guys can produce for me.

With the website counting down the time left, I gave up nearly all of Sunday (Valentines day of all days) to put together two books and this spilled over to last night as well, working from just after 6.30, right through to just after 11.00pm.  I won’t admit to what time I finished on the Sunday (well Monday morning), mostly owing to issues uploading the images to Photobox, but let’s just say that I felt it was better to put the time in and to beat that dreaded time that was steadily ticking down.

Anyway, two books done, proof read and proof read again and I finally clicked the order button before collapsing into bed to catch up on some sleep.

Now this morning has been a good one at work.  Looking forward to receiving my books, I’m in a good mood, the sun is shining on a cold frosty morning and some deals that I have been working on at work have closed.  I even got an email from Photobox to confirm receipt of my order and to let me know that someone is personally taking care of my precious order.  What could be better?

Then they do the worst thing possible.  Because I have been on their website a lot over the last few days, Chrome is now displaying a thumbnail of their website when I launch the browser.  Nothing wrong with that, except I notice that the offer graphic is still displaying.  Although I’d opened up Chrome for work reasons, curiosity got the better of me and I just had to click on the link.

YOU GUESSED IT – They have only gone and extended the offer by TWO days.  This means that there was absolutely no need for me to stay up till the wee small hours working on my books and no need to rush to complete them in good time.

This might be a nice move for those people that missed the offer deadline, but it sure annoys me when I’ve inconvenienced my family and burned the midnight oil (and later) to complete my books in good time.

Why, Oh Why, do companies undermine their time limited offers in this way?

Why, Oh Why, would a company want to put their clients under this sort of pressure only to smack them in the face and extend the offer?

Why, JUST WHY!!!!!!!

All I can say, is that I now really hope that the two A3 photo books that I have ordered arrive undamaged and that they meet my expectations and that I have NOT missed a single typo or misalignment through rushing needlessly.

If I have missed something or either of the books are not in A1 condition on arrival, then I will definitely think twice in the future before using a company that makes a time limited, high pressure offer, only to blatantly extend it.

Count to three Martyn and back to work.  You have invoices to raise and calls to make.


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