M4Photo Image makes Magazine

IMG_20160121_0002Admittedly this is another freebie and one day I’ll begin getting royalties for my images being used commercially, but I am pleased to have one of my recent Archers of Raunds images published in Archery GB’s Winter 2015 edition of their magazine.

The full colour glossy print magazine goes out to all GNAS members and that will means thousands of archers around the UK and on page 46 they will see my image of Brad Denny presenting one of his Youth Olympic shirts and a few other keepsakes to young Sammy.

Sammy suffers from muscular dystrophy and I was pleased to be able to capture some very precious memories of Sammy’s day shooting with Brad and other archers at Archers of Raunds.  These images have all been given to the family and I hope that they will provide them with fond memories of a great session where Sammy shot and collected a number of arrows, helped by Geoff.

Getting another image published in this manor is great for me and I take pride in people wishing to use my images in such a way.  However, it remains my ability to create lasting memories for local clubs and the local community that keeps me out there capturing these shots.

If you are reading this and you are associated with a club (or similar organisation) in the Northamptonshire, west Bedfordshire or north Buckinghamshire area and you would like to capture precious moments like this for your club and visitors, please drop me a line to martyn@m4photo.co.uk and I’ll be pleased to discuss what I offer and how you might be able to benefit from my usually free to attend service.


Eclipse Video Preview


As usual the Eclipse Xmas Show video has taken longer than anticipated to produce, mainly because it has been produced around paying work during my evenings and most of last weekend.

However, the first proof DVD has been given to Shoney and Terry for them to check for errors and spelling mistakes and then we should be good to go once the DVD label has been designed.

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that the preview video is now ready and uploaded to my M4Photo video channel and it an be found here – https://youtu.be/of5evvVFDoc.

This has been a labour of love and I have really enjoyed putting this show DVD together.  The more that I watch it, the more I appreciate the skills and acting talents that are to be found within the club.  All of the kids did themselves proud and I hope that most families will support the club by buying one of the DVDs and keeping a lasting memory of the performances.

The DVDs will only be available through the Pemberton Eclipse Gymnastics club, so please enquire at the club or through the club’s Facebook page.

I;d like to extend a big thank you to everyone involved in putting on the show and to Bob Grant who captured the footage for me on the day.  I hope that everyone enjoys this years DVD.