Eclipse Xmas Show

2015_12_12_IMG_0000141One word sums up yesterday with Eclipse Gymnastics in Rushden.  The club has become very well known in the region for some great competition results and they are fast adding stunning performances to their wealth of talents.

My day began with a run up the M1 from London and the rehearsals were just about to begin when I arrived.  Grabbing my camera whilst Lauren set up the M4Photo stand, I grabbed a number of images of the rehearsals and tried hard to memorise some of the routines and things to watch out for.

Well, I can forget that because the routines were action packed with over 145 gymnasts taking part in the Pemberton centre’s main performance hall.

The kids put on the best show of the seven undertaken.  Bob ran the video throughout the three main shows and I’ll be putting the annual videos together as soon as possible.  In the meantime, the still images are about to go on line and with over 1,000 images, some of the parents are going really struggle to pick which ones they would like printed.

Because of the nature of the show and the decision that some people will have to make, I have decided to put together a very special offer to hopefully make that decision slightly easier for some people – watch the Eclipse Facebook page for more details.

Anyway, thanks to all of the kids, coaches and helpers for putting on a great event and thank you also for inviting me along again to photograph and record the event.  Thanks to Bob for running the video camera for me and I’ll be getting into the footage and building the DVD very soon.

The Eclipse Gymnastics 2015 Xmas show is now available here.


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