New Website Live

new-websiteIt has taken a while and all of the main pages have been enhanced but the new M4Photo website is finally live.

However, I’d like to be reporting that it is complete but there is still quite a lot of work to finish on the Limited Edition Print Pages.

That said, the new site should be a lot more mobile and tablet friendly and this is something that a lot of people have been asking me for with all of the website that I currently look after.  It therefore made sense to push the M4Photo site near to the top of the list and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

The new site should be easy to navigate and when a photograph gallery is opened it will still open in a separate tab.  The galleries will continue to use the Lightroom publishing method because this enables me to publish client galleries very quickly – again something that my clients request and like.  However, the look a feel will be slightly different and those pages are not yet optimised.  When Adobe create an option to make the output responsive, I’ll jump at making that changes to those pages as well.

In the meantime, I hope that you all like the new look and feel to the website.



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