11th in Gurushots Challenge

I was recently excited to notice that one of my images had been selected by one of the Guru’s in one of the Gurushots Challenges.  I have since been watching that challenge and getting more and more excited as I worked my way up the rankings.

With nearly 3000 people having entered over 9,000 images I was pleased to make it into the top ‘All Star’ ranking and then to make the top 50 places.  However, this got better an better and today I found myself in 11th place.

I am not one of life’s winners and I would never dare to hope for one of the top spots, but to say that this has rounded off a nice day would be an understatement – I’m gobsmacked.

I have also managed to make All Star in another challenge and earlier this evening I entered my Poppies image and three others into a back-lit challenge.  Those images are also doing well with reaching 33rd place at the moment out of 1,140 entrants.  With 20 days of voting left to run on that one, it’ll be another interesting challenge to watch.

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