Stanwick Lakes Update

Stanwick Lakes - Copyright 2015 Martyn Phillips, M4Photo.

Stanwick Lakes – Copyright 2015 Martyn Phillips, M4Photo.

This has been the first opportunity to get down to Stanwick Lakes.  Over the last few days I have either been time constrained or the weather has been less than favourable.  However, this evening I headed off to one of the spots that I hope to capture.

When I arrived, the sun was still high but in the right direction.  I therefore took the long way around the lake and spied a couple more promising sites for further dates.  Arriving at the shooting site, I set up the tripod and camera, with wide angle lens and filters and watched the sun slowly head toward the treeline.

I won’t be able to catch the sun as it drop behind the horizon because that is masked by a hill and the tree line.  However, I was pleased to see the cloud formation with an interesting swirl and I was hoping for a nice sunset of golden or red light.

Unfortunately, the gold and red did not come and by the time the sun dropped over the threes a large dark cloud have worked its way into the frame and across the centre.  Worse still, a high flying jumbo jet scored a line across the right of the frame and the double white streaks never really cleared from the image.  The result above will not be making the Flickr feed or my website.

I guess that this is what we call a blow-out shoot and one to come back to another time.

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