Volume 2 – Stanwick Lakes

Stanwick Lakes - Copyright 2015 Martyn Phillips, M4Photo.

Stanwick Lakes – Copyright 2015 Martyn Phillips, M4Photo.

Following my trip to California, I am now making plans for several volumes of images from areas of the UK.  The first of which will be shot locally at Stanwick Lakes.  This will hopefully get me out and practicing more and more with the aim to get images just as good as those in the US.

I plan to blog my year getting out and about and this will include the highs and the lows.

So today, was the first of many days that I’ll be heading down to Stanwick to checkout possible sites and then to try to catch good light as the season change.

The Stanwick Lakes complex is made up of a number of lakes that resulted from local clay pits that were dug when the surrounding towns and villages were built.  An old disused railway line path (no tracks) runs along the back of the complex and well maintained paths run right around all of the lakes.  This makes the complex popular with walker, cyclists and runners.  Not so many dog walkers owing to the need to keep dogs on leads and out of the water.

I only had a couple of hours to play with this evening, but I have already found a few reasonable sites and of course there is the visitors centre with its modern aspect and the old barn buildings at the far end of the complex and actually out of the nature reserve area.

One thing that became evident is that I will ideally need a central base from which to work.  Because the reserve closes overnight and the bar is dropped before sunset and it is not opened until after sunrise, I might need to seek permission to park overnight – otherwise it will involve some very long walks.

For now, it’s home and time to send a quick email to the trust.

@StanwickLakes #StanwickLakes


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