Eclipse at Rushden’s Party in the Park

Rushden's Party In The ParkWhat a way to spend a birthday, weekly shopping in the morning and then photographing a couple of sessions at Party in the Park and some of the birds of prey as well.

The first part of the afternoon was spent photographing one of the ballet routines for one of the mums.  I’m not permitted to upload those images but it was interesting trying to shoot one of the younger girls at the back of the stage and in deep shade, whilst all around the sun beamed down.  Despite the conditions, I captured a few reasonable images and the best of the bunch is sitting on my desk drying ready for framing a little later.

It was then off to Eclipse and the main reason for me being at this years Party In The Park.  Eclipse would be performing three routines and they began with Acro followed by one of the first public outings for the Cheer squad.  Both were shot wide angle to try to capture the full width of the routines whilst sitting relatively up close.  Some of the parents got some good shots also, so I think that we have all the bases covered.

The final routine was the senior display squad.  This was all trampette work and I took advantage of some decent light for once and again got in really close with the wide angle lens to get some good action shots.  I opted for a smaller F-Stop to get a good depth of field and next time I’ll wind it out a little more to blur the large crowd that was watching.  However, I like the images with the crowd because it gives some depth and purpose to the images at this well attended event.

I was unable to stay for the second falconry display, but whilst there I took the opportunity to grab a few images of the birds or prey on their stands and resting between flying sessions.  some of those images will find their way onto my website very soon and maybe one or two onto my Flickr feed.

All in all, another successful day out with the camera and roll on the next opportunity.


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