Pigeon Point Lighthouse

DAY 12 – Sunday 24th

Pigeon Point, San Rafeal, CA - Copyright 2015 M4Photo

The whole of today was a bust with regards to the weather. The Golden Gate Bridge had a layer of fog across the top of the towers and the fog was still thick as we climbed high above the bridge on the surrounding hills. We did take a walk out to the lower viewing area, but the wind was horrendous and the air damp with fog. Regretfully, it was back to the hotel and some more sleep.

We headed out later in the morning but the weather over San Francisco was not favourable all day long. We therefore took a trip out to Sausalito with its expensive houses clinging to the hillside and overlooking the bay. We found a wonderful place to eat and I had the fish and chips yet again, but this one was ace.

Checking the weather throughout the day, it looked like our luck had finally run out and we headed out to San Rafael, passing the San Quentin State Prison in the distance. We arrived at Pigeon Point Lighthouse, well just a few hundred yards along the coast, but the rain was spitting and the sky overcast and worse on the way. The weather for tomorrow was looking awful and for this reason Mark and I braved the weather and caught a handful or shots using the stoppers, grads and the histogram.

Was nit worth it?  Well, the image above is a quick two minute edit to warm up the image, bring out some of the shadows and to try to lose some of the overall greyness of the image but without losing the memory of the awful overcast low light and drizzle that we had to work with.

As a final farewell and with the dawn shoot cancelled, we headed out into San Francisco, found a bar, had a few drinks and a laugh over a 1980’s games machine and then back to the hotel for bed. Tomorrow will be another long day for the trip back home.


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