Emerald Bay

DAY 9 – Thursday 21st

Lonely Isle - Emerlad Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA, USA - Copyright 2015 Martyn Phillips, M4Photo

Lonely Isle – Emerlad Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA, USA – Copyright 2015 Martyn Phillips, M4Photo

It is strange to get up and dress in the clothes from the day before and no shower, but early morning sunrise shots mean an alarm call ten minutes before the agreed meeting time and a snooze followed by a shower and new clothes later.

We arrived at the location at the side of the road high above Emerald Bay on Tahoe Lake. There is a higher vantage point but this is hard to get to and I was actually glad to have my feet firmly on the ground and behind a nice thigh high wall. The camera was set up, the composition set and filters applied. After a few test shots, Paul opened the car door with the heater on full blast for some respite from the cold morning air.

Again, the weather was not great and it was very overcast. The sun did find a hole at times and bounced some light off of the clouds and onto the main body of the lake. This was going to be another lesson in damage limitation because the weather forecast was showing that the rain would come in the afternoon and tomorrow would also be bad. So back to working on composition, balancing the light and using the histogram to ensure that we had an image to process later.

I am not sure how good my images will be, but I’ll find out later.

After some sleep and breakfast in the room, Mark and I spent a few hours working on some images and I tried to catch up on the blog.

After some lunch, we settled down in the room for a Photoshop session with Paul. As previously agreed, we loaded up Mark’s Bonsai Tree image in Capture One on Paul’s machine. He explained how to get the colours correct first before moving on to composition tweaks and how to turn the dull image into a great sunset shot. Whilst not as we remembered at the site, the image was very pleasing. This was then discussed and Paul explained how purists would react to the image, but how his subtle changes did not really do anything that could not have been done in camera using filters, etc. However, we all agreed that the image was different but enhanced in a professional way that most people should accept.

Paul then left Mark and I to work on our own images using the information shared over the previous couple of hours. I made lots of notes and plan to try to apply those when I get home.

The evening’s weather continued to get worse and the rain came down. A sunset session was therefore not possible and we headed out for dinner. All four of us have got on really, really well and it was not unusual for three of us to opt for the same dinner, with a change of heart I opted for the lasagne, rather than bangers and mash, and I was really pleased for the change. Dinner was really great and I looked forward to a full night’s sleep and probably the first of the trip.


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