Up in the Air

As I mentioned yesterday, I plan to blog this road trip and this means from start to finish. It have the highs, the lows, the successes and the failures and I hope to use it as a personal diary/reminder

I was surprised to find AirParks at Gatwick Airport open and ready for business at 03:00 this morning. The run around the M1 and M25 was super easy and cruise control was the order of the day throughout. Even dropping down to one lane on the M25 did not hinder my progress too much and I was in the airport just before 03:30. I caught a few zzz’s but I never really sleep in airports. Firstly there are bags to watch and secondly I just love people watching in airports. The diversity of cultures and emotions keeps me entertained for hours – sad I know but I passes the time quickly.

Breakfast was a McDonalds, followed by a couple of phone calls to home. It has only been a few short hours but I am missing Joanna and the girls already, something I have to get used to on trips like this.

So, we boarded Virgin VS43 on time and headed out of Gatwick for a 10’ish hour flight across the Atlantic well over the top of the world nearly if we take the usual route. I am grateful for having three seats to myself and extra leg room seats, so this is near on luxury for this trip. The only fly in the ointment was a hen party immediately adjacent to my seats and filling several rows of the middle of the plane. It was not long before the selfie stick was being waved over the heads of the the seat belt signs coming on. However, reading the menu was a waste of time. With a choice of beef, Spanish style chicken or a veggie Bolognese, it was to be the beef. The afternoon choice was a chicken and bacon or double cheese wrap. The Chicken and bacon sounded ace and it would round off a nice flight. However, when the stewardess came around and asked what I’d like, the reply back was it was between the chicken and the Bolognese only. I opted for the Chicken, which was actually quite nice. Later in the afternoon, I was asked whether I’d like the double cheese or the chicken and bacon, only to have a double cheese put in front of me. When questioned, I was told that there were no Chicken wraps left – hmmphh, I passed on that one. Oh well, I guess these things happen.

Most of the flight was over dense cloud cover, so not much to see. The clouds did break over Eastern Canada and the ice covered water of the large lakes was clearly visible from 34,000 ft. The clouds broke for a very short time when we were about an hour out of Vegas but they closed in again as we headed over Sale Lake City and the decent into Las Vegas.

Hopefully, I’ll be in Las Vegas for the next posting later this evening (US time).


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