The Adventure Begins

Sometime ago I found myself booked on a trip of a lifetime, a twelve day road trip with an award winning and truly amazing landscape and Cityscape photographer – Paul Reiffer. The trip was supposed to be a photography workshop for half a dozen or so people, but during the early days of going public the trip took a different direction. The itinerary would stay the same but the party would be reduced to Paul, ‘The Vig’, Mark and myself. Into the mix would be thrown access to a Phase One medium format camera for us to get our hands on and the profile of the trip was raised.

So, over the last few months I have been acquiring a few new bits of photography equipment to try to help me to get the most from the trip. Yesterday saw the bags mostly packed and tonight I’ll be heading off to Gatwick and the M1, M25 run.

This is a very exciting trip and I hope to learn lots, work hard and come back full of new knowledge, skills and ideas. My only regret is leaving Joanna and the girls at home and this will be longest that Joanna and I have been apart since ’86.

I don’t know what internet access I will have over the next couple of weeks, but I hope to blog my way across from Las Vegas to San Francisco. The blog will most likely feature iPhone or Surface photographs from Death Valley, Tahoe Lake, Yosemite National Park, the two cities and more. Once processed, I hope to have some amazing images to post to the M4Photo website and Flickr.

So, enough for now as the road beckons and a 30 hour marathon begins. At least I hope to sleep on the plane and not turn it into a 40+ hour slog from this morning right through to arriving in sunny Las Vegas.

Lastly, please watch my blog and Facebook for updates on what should be an amazing couple of weeks of photography.


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