Back from Houston, Texas, USA.

What a week in Houston, Texas, USA last week at the Revelation Software Users Conference.  Everyone had a great time, the weather was great and there were some great photographic opportunities for me.

I was considering limiting the kit that I took but I decided to err on the side of caution and took just about everything.  Was anything not used, no, I think that every bit of camera kit was used during the week – a lesson learned I think.

One of the highlights for me on the photographic side, was trying to put a slide show together that told the whole story of the conference.  I ‘think’ and ‘hope’ that I nailed it and I certainly received some great comments from some of the delegates following it’s viewing during the closing remarks.  Most of the captions will not make much sense unless you were there, but the video can be seen on the M4Photo website here.

I hope that you enjoy this example of my work and I’d like to thank Mike for allowing me to take this opportunity to photograph the company’s conference.


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