First outing with my new filters.

Office Building, Houston, Texas.

Office Building, Houston, Texas.

As it is Sunday and because I had a few hours to kill, I thought that I would get out and try my new Lee Filters today.

It was pretty bright here in Houston for a while and a good opportunity to try both the Lee Big Stopper, to try to introduce some cloud movement into the images, and also an ND grad to reduce the glare of the very bright and cloudy sky.

So armed with the 5D and the kit lens, filter set and my BeFree tripod, I headed downstairs and out into the hotel grounds.  I began with a shot of the approach to the hotel (the image below).  I preferred the composition of an earlier shot where I was not using the filter set and the clouds are frozen, but I wanted an image with the clouds moving and I am quite pleased with the image below for a first time effort.

Moving further into the business area around the hotel, I found an amazing building with a reflective glass frontage which was curved and behind that a similar office block that is shrouded in highly reflective glass panels.  Composing the shot with one over the other produced an interesting image of reflections from the surrounding buildings.

Omni Hotel Houston

Omni Hotel Houston, Texas.

Unfortunately, the breeze dropped considerably when I was capturing the hotel image and even with a long exposure the clouds did not move very much but the Big Stopper did manage to soften them a little.

Admittedly, these two images have had some manipulation in Lightroom, but I was impressed with the portability and sturdiness of the Manfrotto Befree tripod and the Lee filter set is a joy to work with.  Now to learn how to use them properly and to take some of the guess work out of the process.


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