Solar Eclipse 2015

_MG_2809Well I guess that it had to be done.  I’m short on time today and I thought that I would not get the chance to grab my camera and get outside.  However, between a couple of phones calls I grabbed my old 20D and my big stopper filter and headed outside for five minutes.

These images are really very poor for a number of reasons.  Firstly, there was zero planning and preparation owing to an extremely busy week, I did not want to risk my new 5D, so this was taken on my old 20D and it was shot handheld (the tripod is packed away for a trip that i am making tomorrow morning.  I also did not have the necessary eclipse glasses, so the camera setting and focus was all guess work.

Finally, like most of the UK, the sky was covered in a thick white cloud.  It did clear a little at one point and although the sun was still obscured by cloud i grabbed these two shots.

Anyway, at least I got something for prosperity and something is better than nothing.



2 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 2015

    • Thanks Bob. I do plan to try some proper moon shots but we have just not had decent clear nights or a large enough moon to make it worthwhile. I was not overly happy with these solar eclipse shots owing to zero preparation, old camera and no tripod. I guess that you could say that I broke just about every rule in the book.

      My only defence is that I was ‘supposed’ to be working at the time – just don’t tell the boss ;).

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