Broncolor Siros lighting kit review and Giveaway!

Karl Taylor and the Broncolor Siros Lighting set.

Karl Taylor and the Broncolor Siros Lighting set.

As much as I would love to get my hands on a set of these lights, I don’t yet have a set to review myself.  However, Karl Taylor from Karl Taylor Photography has been given a set of the top of the Siros range from Broncolor to test, review and to give away.

I would put these lights at the top end of the budget market and they are ideal for any professional photographer looking for a mobile setup.

Karl as recorded four videos that look at what you get in the box and you get to see just how portable they are when packed away in their wheel trolley bags.  Whilst many people then run a few tests on a model, Karl how us how to use the two light setup in various scenarios.  He begins with a standard portrait using the kitchen area in his wonderful new studio and then they move to a more relaxed seating scenario where he compliments the natural light from a window, using the lights to fill the scene and he also moves outside.  Finally, he moves upstairs into one of his new offices to show how a professional business portrait can be captured.

Best of all, we all have the opportunity to win a set of these amazing lights – I guess that I’ll have to have a go then :).


Playing with Black and White.

Black & White Gymnastics Photograph.Following a few discussions with a few people I have been playing around with Black and White for a couple of my sports images.  I have uploaded two images to my 500px page and I have been getting some nice feedback from people online, via email and offline.

The image above is one of my favorites.  It was taken as I was turning around and I had a split second to capture the togetherness of the two girls as they were warming up for the main gymnastics session.  The focus is slightly off of their faces and owing to the low light available, the depth of field was very shallow.  Despite the slightly soft faces, I really like this image, not least because it really encapsulates the friendliness of the whole club.

You can view a larger resolution example and also a black and white image of an archer in a similar casual moment on my 500px page.