Archers of Raunds Tournament Images

AoR 2015 Open Portsmouth Tournemant GalleryToday was a long day at Archers of Raunds, but as usual it was an enjoyable one.  The archery competition was extremely well organised and it ran without a hitch.

I was there with my camera to capture as many decent shots as possible.  Archery is always difficult to photograph at club level because you are always way off to one side and out of the safety zones or behind the archers.  Today was no different and in some respects much worse.

The shoot was a busy one with targets stretching right across the hall and the shooting line was equally as busy with competitors standing just a couple of feet from each other.  This makes front on photographs impossible during the indoor season and side on shots almost as impossible because you have to remain behind the waiting line.  However, therein lies the challenge and with two International archers in session three, I was not ready to give up too quickly.

Anyway, the images should be on the website by the time you read this posting.  The images from today can be found in the Archers of Raunds gallery using the image copied above.


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