Eclipse Halloween Party Photographs

Eclipse Gymnastics Halloween Party

Eclipse Gymnastics Halloween Party

OK, OK, so I had enough kids ask to see the photographs, so I sat up till way too late and they will be online by the time you wake up and read this blog posting.

Seriously, I had a fabulous evening with the kids and parents at this evenings Halloween Party.  The whole event was superbly organised as usual and there were nothing but happy faces of the kids having fun.  For once, the dance floor seemed to always be busy and that was probably more down to a really good choice of music by the DJ.

Helped by Lauren (who was not feeling too well, so a huge thank you to her), we arrived at 6.00pm, unloaded the car crammed with gear and set about putting up the new mobile studio.  With some lessons learned, we had the black background setup and the lights.  A couple of test shots and we were good to go.

The doors officially opened at 7.00pm, but we were snapping the kids a few minutes before and we had a queue of people within minutes.  It was going to prove to be a long and tiring evening, but everything appeared to go well and I was pretty happy with some of the results for a first time out.

As it was Halloween, I chose a black background and deliberately opted for darker more sinister mood to the pictures.  Some needed a little post production manipulation, but on the whole most were OK and just an hour later they were (are being) uploaded to the website.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Eclipse Gymnastics for another great evening and for being so immaculately behaved around the equipment.  It really is a joy to work with the team at the club.

The gallery should be uploaded by the time you read this posting, so please head over to, enter the unique username and password (available from Terry or one of the coaches at the club) and enjoy the memories from the evening.

This was my first outing with the studio and I would welcome your comments on the images produced.  This will help me to prepare for the Christmas show, when I hope to be back with the studio again.


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