Landscape Photography Training Workshop

If you want to learn how to take amazing landscape photographs in some of the best locations that West Coast USA has to offer, and with the help of an awesome award winning landscape photographer, read on…

As well as news and information about M4Photo in support of the main website, I would like to begin to include postings about some of the people and resources that have inspired me and which continue to do so.  I hope that these postings will become a refreshing addition to the blog and a welcome addition to the content.

I would like to start with a link to a blog posting from Paul Reiffer, an award winning landscape and commercial photographer.  Paul helped me to make one of my most important decisions when looking to purchase my new camera.   His advice was invaluable, it was absolutely spot on and I have been grateful for his time and advice ever since.  Furthermore, I have become a fan of his landscape work from around the world and I regularly follow his active blog.

This afternoon, I received an automated email from Paul’s blog with regards to his latest posting.  If you are interested in landscape photography and you can afford to get yourself to the west coast USA for a couple of weeks next May, then Paul has an offer to die for.

Paul has just announced a 12 day high end shooting workshop in and around California.  Beginning in Las Vegas, he’ll be taking people into Death Valley, then on to Mono Lake, Bodie, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Napa and finishing up in San Francisco, with some fabulous sights along the way.  With Paul’s expert guidance throughout the trip, those lucky enough to get to join him will do doubt capture some amazing sunrises, sun sets and he even talks about a possible night shoot in skies devoid of any light pollution.

Please click here for more details about this wonderful photographic holiday/workshop with one of the best landscape photographers around.

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