Eclipse Festival Rehearsal Images

Eclipse 2014 Festival Rehersals

Eclipse 2014 Festival Rehearsals

This is just a quick reminder to all of the #Eclipse Gymnastics guys and girls who were at the Festival rehearsals last week, that the images are now available to view on the M4Photo website.

I have received a couple of requests and a set will be created for the clubs use.  I usually only process those images that are requested, but on this occasion I have created .jpg files of all of the photographs taken.  These are all roughly A4 in size and there are four that are wide and short, like the one above.  These files will be available for FREE until the Eclipse Halloween Party, after which time the processed files will be deleted.

If you would like copies for yourself, your family or friends, please email me with the photograph numbers that you would like.  These image files are fully copyright free and you can upload them to your Facebook page and other social media channels as you wish.  I only ask that the #M4Photo logo remains in the image online.

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you all again next Wednesday for the Eclipse Halloween Party where I hope to have my background and light setup in action, to capture some really scarey portraits which will be posted online for purchase after the party.


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