Eclipse Gymnastics – 2014 Festival Squad

Eclipse 2014 Festival Squad

Eclipse 2014 Festival Squad

I do like a challenge and #Eclipse Gymnastics really do throw me some challenges at times.  Tonight’s task was to capture a decent squad shot of the guys that will be heading off to London in a week or so to perform at the Annual #Gymnastics Festival.

Sounds easy enough until you throw in the fact that there are 32 kids who all need to be smiling (sort of) and looking in the (rough) direction of the camera.  Then throw in the low light of the training room and on top of that have the guys balancing five high – yes you heard right, there are five tiers in the show stopping pyramid that forms the finale to the busy routine.

Anyway, this is Eclipse and I am learning that almost anything is possible.  Not only did the kids perform the move brilliantly several times for me, but they also held the move for a good half a minute so that I was able to take countless shots in the hope of getting everyone looking the right way and smiling.  I ‘think’ we got an image in the bag though.

The routine itself is busy, busy, busy with something going on somewhere all of the time.  This was the fist time that I had been at the club to watch this new routine and I could not resist getting in amongst the gymnasts whilst rehearsing their routine to get some additional shots.  I am sorry to anyone that was put off by me getting right into the middle of the routine and it amazes me how all the kids carry on as if there was no camera being waved around in front of them. Again all credit to a really professional squad.

The photographs are now uploaded and available from the Eclipse Gymnastics gallery on the website.  Please contact Terry or one of the coaches if you are one of the gymnasts and you need the password.


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