Revelation Software RUG Meeting Photographs published.

RevUK 2014 RUG Meeting

RevUK 2014 RUG Meeting

#Revelation Software’s User Group Meeting in Ealing, London was a busy one with a full room, information packed presentations about the company’s #OpenInsight application development suite, a smashing lunch and some good photograph opportunities.

As usual for me and I am going to have to break this habit, the lighting in the room was great for the meeting, but it was absolutely horrendous for photography and the bright presentation screen just added to the challenges to get some half decent photographs for the company’s social media pages – and all without the distraction of using flash. Furthermore, I learned the importance of keeping my tripod in the back of the car. Leaving home at 5.00am resulted in the tripod being left at home and it was sorely missed on the sands at Tenby in West Wales – Grrrrrr.

However, a number of reasonable photographs were captured during the main day and they are now available from the new Revelation Software gallery on the website. The gallery also includes a few miscellaneous images from an overnight stay on Tenby.

I hope that Revelation Software find some of them useful and also the meeting participants and their marketing departments.



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