Chloe’s 16th Birthday BBQ

Chloe G's 16th Birthday BBQ

Chloe G’s 16th Birthday BBQ

I have been a little quiet on the blog of recent, not because I have been quiet, but more because I have been busy with a few freelance jobs that I am not able to talk about.  A couple of them have been very large events and it is a real shame that I can’t mention them on my social media channels.

Anyway, today I was off to Chloe G’s (surname withheld for child protection reasons) 16th birthday BBQ and a wonderful afternoon.  The sun could have come out to make it a little nicer and warmer, but the food was fabulous (thanks to Graham for cooking) and the company was wonderful.

I am getting used to taking the camera wherever I go these days and I was pleased to get a number of very nice shots of the family an friends during the afternoon.  As usual, it was the natural, casual shots that got the most interest but Chloe is photogenic in both pose and non-pose situations.

Thanks to Pauline and Graham for the invitation and a wonderful afternoon.  Chloe’s password protected photograph gallery is now live and I hope that you enjoy the images.  If you are a member of the family and you have the username and password, click here for the gallery.


One thought on “Chloe’s 16th Birthday BBQ

  1. A couple of people have asked about the lighting used in this image. Like 99% of my images, this was an un-posed shot using ambient lighting only, no flash, strobes, reflectors or anything.

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