Wedding Slide Shows

As anyone who has bought a digital SLR camera will know, the need to dig deep to buy the required basic kit is ongoing.  Just when you think that you have everything that you need, something else gets added to the mix.  My wish list for M4Photo just keeps growing.

However, I am pleased to announce that, following a very successful wedding shoot in Wellingborough and reception party at The Chequers in Yeldon recently, I have invested in a very nice piece of software to create flowing photograph slide shows.  The slides feature a 3D transition and movement option that is just beautiful.  One of the most striking effects is where the photograph is displayed on screen with some subtle motion, whilst the screen’s background is made up of a large zoomed copy of the image which is also moving with some subtle motion.  Other effects include photographs sliding around with multiple copies in the background and more.

I have created a wedding slide show DVD for the recent wedding and sitting down with the bride and groom to review the video was a pleasure indeed.  From the off, they were impressed with the DVD cover.  I’d taken one of the photographs from the day and printed it direct to a glossy printable DVD using my Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer and the results were sublime.  Not only were they both extremely pleased with the cover but their faces were a picture when they saw the presentation on full widescreen television for the first time.

The photo journalism approach to wedding photography gave the bride and groom the perfect set of photographs to compliment those taken by the wedding photographer that was posing the groups on the day.  This outing has enabled me to refine the M4Photo wedding Package and it now includes:

  1. A set of reproducible  .jpg files and an A4 framed print, all covered by the initial low booking fee.
  2. The option to purchase a wedding DVD with up to 60 images featured in a wedding photograph presentation.
  3. Once created, you have the option to purchase copies of the DVD.
  4. A credit system that enables the bride and groom to claim free products.
  5. The ability for the bride and groom to acquire the entire photograph set without charge.
  6. The ability for any family member or guest to purchase the entire image set in digital format with personal reproduction rights of course.

As always, the reproduction of M4Photo’s digital image files is subject to the Copyright Transfer License Agreement, a copy of which can be viewed here.

For further information about the M4Photo Wedding Package, please contact us through the M4Photo website or by email, or simply checkout the M4Photo Wedding page.



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