Wedding Slide Shows

As anyone who has bought a digital SLR camera will know, the need to dig deep to buy the required basic kit is ongoing.  Just when you think that you have everything that you need, something else gets added to the mix.  My wish list for M4Photo just keeps growing.

However, I am pleased to announce that, following a very successful wedding shoot in Wellingborough and reception party at The Chequers in Yeldon recently, I have invested in a very nice piece of software to create flowing photograph slide shows.  The slides feature a 3D transition and movement option that is just beautiful.  One of the most striking effects is where the photograph is displayed on screen with some subtle motion, whilst the screen’s background is made up of a large zoomed copy of the image which is also moving with some subtle motion.  Other effects include photographs sliding around with multiple copies in the background and more.

I have created a wedding slide show DVD for the recent wedding and sitting down with the bride and groom to review the video was a pleasure indeed.  From the off, they were impressed with the DVD cover.  I’d taken one of the photographs from the day and printed it direct to a glossy printable DVD using my Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer and the results were sublime.  Not only were they both extremely pleased with the cover but their faces were a picture when they saw the presentation on full widescreen television for the first time.

The photo journalism approach to wedding photography gave the bride and groom the perfect set of photographs to compliment those taken by the wedding photographer that was posing the groups on the day.  This outing has enabled me to refine the M4Photo wedding Package and it now includes:

  1. A set of reproducible  .jpg files and an A4 framed print, all covered by the initial low booking fee.
  2. The option to purchase a wedding DVD with up to 60 images featured in a wedding photograph presentation.
  3. Once created, you have the option to purchase copies of the DVD.
  4. A credit system that enables the bride and groom to claim free products.
  5. The ability for the bride and groom to acquire the entire photograph set without charge.
  6. The ability for any family member or guest to purchase the entire image set in digital format with personal reproduction rights of course.

As always, the reproduction of M4Photo’s digital image files is subject to the Copyright Transfer License Agreement, a copy of which can be viewed here.

For further information about the M4Photo Wedding Package, please contact us through the M4Photo website or by email, or simply checkout the M4Photo Wedding page.



AoR Albion and Windsor

Ruby Paul shooting at the AoR Albion and Windsor

Ruby Paul shooting at the AoR Albion and Windsor

Today was Archers of Raunds annual open outdoor tournament and the rounds being shot were the Albion and Windsor rounds. This is a nice mix of rounds where the seniors can stretch themselves with the Albion (80, 60 and 50 yards) and the Windsor rounds provide a selection of distances to cover all age groups. Today, we’d have archers right across the range and shooting Recurve, Compound, Barebow, Longbow and Flatbow.

For those of you that do not wish to read on, the results sheet can be found from the results page on the AoR website by clicking here.

The weather was fine from the off with the sun shining throughout and a medium breeze across the field from right to left. This was Richards first open tournament as Tournaments Officer and, as usual, AoR put on a fine tournament and everything went without a hitch. Leza ran her tuck shop and I for one was pleased of the cooled cans as the day got warmer.

Heather, our judge for the day, kicked off the event with the usual assembly and then we had a reasonably easy ride. It was great to see how diligent Heather was throughout the day, picking up someone wearing jeans and another wanting to shoot with open toed shoes. Something that we’ll work on reminding people about going forward – yes everyone gets told during the beginners course, but too often people don’t listen until they get hurt.

The conditions were really good for personal best scores to be set, but I did not hear about any being achieved with exception of a couple of the juniors. It would be great to hear from any of the seniors who achieved new heights on the day.

Some of the successes that I did hear about included Jack Denny who shot a brilliant 714 for the Junior Windsor to take gold and the highest scoring junior boy in his very first tournament. Jack only returned to archery a few months ago and serious shooting and this is a brilliant achievement for lots of reasons. Brother Brad will need to be careful <g>.

Another high flyer was Ruby Paul. Ruby is just flying at the moment, setting new club records just about every time she shoots and I believe that her brilliant 918 for the Short Junior Windsor (under 14) enabled her to claim gold, the trophy for the highest scoring junior lady and an unconfirmed NCAS county record. Not bad for a junior in her first year of shooting.

Imogen Case shot a really nice 560 for the Short Junior Windsor and took gold for the Under 12 and set a personal best. Considering 30 yards is her limit this was a brilliant result with 98 hits and 19 golds on the day.

Amber and Imogen rounded off the juniors for this shoot. Amber posted a great 858 for the U18 Short Windsor and Imogen posted a nice 852 for the Junior Windsor, both girls taking gold in their classes.

All in all I think that everyone had a good shoot and it was great to see an number of visitors over from Banbury Cross, Northampton AC and Duston Bowmen and WOAC. It was also great to see some new faces and to host some archers shooting in their first away tournament.

As usual, I was there with my camera set to quiet mode and trying not to interfere with the archers whilst also trying to get some decent shots of the event. Those images are now available to view on my M4Photo website and I have a special .jpg price for those people wishing to purchase digit files to print at home. As always, a decent percentage will be given to the club.

If you are interested in me covering your next tournament and making some additional funds for your club, please contact me on

Clair & David’s Wedding Pictures

Clair & David's Wedding

Clair & David’s Wedding

I was recently asked to photograph Clair and David’s wedding following one of the successful Eclipse Gymnastics shoots.  Whilst I am still working on the details of the M4Photo wedding package I was pleased to accept and to use this wedding to test out the concept and results.

The day was set to be one of the hottest of the summer and with weather warnings on the news, it was going to be a fun day.  The plan, very simply, was to capture images throughout the day and to document the parts of the day that are all too often missed.  For example, the formal photographs often tend to be full of people grinning (I pull the worse grin for photographs on the planet, so I’m not one to talk) and often just lines of people standing in front of the official camera.

My aim is to get some of the more informal photographs when people’s guard is down, when they are having fun and other occasions that make the day.  Whereas the formal wedding photographer will be picking the best shooting angles, I’ll be off to one side and even looking the other way totally.  This enables me to get shots that are taken from a tighter angle (rather than full length) and giving a different dimension to the images.  Of course, eye contact is lost, but I still find that some of the shots are almost better than the straight on eye contact shots.

The only downside and something of a challenge is having to work with only natural light.  I can;t use strobes or flash because it will get in the way of the official photographer.  However, some post processing helps to overcome some of the challenges that can’t be overcome in camera, for example extreme back lighting or very low light.

Anyway, following a torrential downpour whilst the reception was being put together – a small marque in a field behind the Chequers in Yeldon we headed back to the house for the family to get ready.  Any hope of getting some images of the setting up were forgotten owing to the weather.

Back at home we caught some nice images before heading over to the reception.  Giving the official photographer the pick of location left me with a horrendously back-lit scene and more challenges.  However, this is the domain of the official photographer, and whilst my images were OK, I hope that he got the better shots for the couple.  we then headed outside for the group shots and again more challenges owing to the extremely harsh sunshine.  It was mid afternoon, the sun was out at full strength and a strobe was really needed to fill those inevitable shadows.  Catching shots with people’s eyes open and not closed or squinting was another challenge but you have to roll with the conditions.  All said and done, the images were reasonable, so I was relatively happy.

We then headed off back to the reception and the opportunity to capture some really nice casual shots.  With some very photogenic kids along to join in the fun of the bouncy castles, I was very pleased with a few of the images and I’m very overly critical of my images.

If you were one of the wedding party please contact Clair or David for a password to the gallery.  There are images of children and for that reason the gallery is a locked one.

I am now more clear in my mind how the M4photo wedding package will work and I will be updating the wedding page over the next week or so once I have finalised those thoughts.  Finally, thank you to Clair and David for allowing me to try this concept.  Hopefully you’ll like some of the shots from your special day.