M4Photo now offer on-site event printing.

Mitsubishi CP-D70DW Event Printer

Mitsubishi CP-D70DW Event Printer

Following a very successful day at the recent Eclipse Gymnastics closed competition; it became evident that there is a market and a need for both the Canon Professional Printer and also a fast event printer that can be used to quickly print photographs for people whilst they wait on site.

Whilst I still maintain that I would prefer to wait a day or two and receive a high quality print, it was clear that numerous people would have preferred to pay for a fast print to take away on the day.  I guess that I will therefore have to give in to the inevitable and concede the debate that has been going around in my head for far too long.

I am therefore pleased to have managed to secure a Mitsubishi event printer for a good price and the deal included a hard wearing flight case to protect this valuable asset. The model acquired is the CP-D70DW which is published as a professional event printer which is designed to print images at the popular 6×9″ size. The flight case even has room for the USB and power cable, which means only two boxes – the printer and a separate box for the media.

I have run a quick test and the printer works fine right out of the box. Configuring the driver was easy on Windows 7.  I was instructed not to use the supplied CD, but to download the latest driver from the Mitsubishi website. With that installed, the printer was connected, powered up and I produced a 4×6” print right out of Lightroom within a few seconds. Yes, you read that right, a 4×6” print proving that this wonderful machine will enable us to offer both 4×6″ and 6×9″ print options right out of Lightroom for on site printing.

At the present time, we will not be able to print in the field without access to electricity, but a portable generator is now firmly on the wish list, along with an event tent to keep everything dry.

I guess this means another M4Photo website update as we now have something new to offer our clients and the list of can-do’s keeps on growing.


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