M4Photo’s Latest Investment

Canon Pixma Pro-100

Canon Pixma Pro-100

Today M4Photo took another step forward with the investment in, and the delivery of, a brand new printer.

I knew that the printer would be big, but the box from the postman was simply enormous and questions about my planned home for it began to form in my mind.  However, half a hour later the printer was in place, print head and cartridges installed and she was ready to roll.

After much research and thought, I had decided to invest in a Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer for office based printing.  This is one of the three top line professional printers from Canon and it will enable M4Photo to provide clients with lab quality photographs of numerous sizes up to A3 in size.  Initially we’ll be offering 4×6″, A4 and A3 sizes in either Glossy (4×6″), Semi-Gloss or Matte formats (A4 and A3).  However, subject to professional grade Canon papers being available, we should be able to accommodate our clients specific requirements up to A3 in size.  For example, professional grade Luster papers are available from Canon and these can be made available by special request.

As we gain experience of working with the Pro-100 and the various different papers, our preferred and recommended options might change.  Any such changes will be reflected on M4Photo’s Price Page on the website.

Without screen calibration and leaving the printer to manage the colours, the first two 4×6″ prints look awesome.  A screen calibrator will be used to complete the system configuration shortly.  I then expect the production time to reduce and the quality of the prints to increase further.

The printer is pretty heavy and not overly transportable and not nearly as quick to print as a professional event printer.  For this reason, photographs from this printer and in the numerous print configurations available, will only be available to order through our website and not at events.


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