New Twitter Header

M4Photo Twitter Header

M4Photo Twitter Header

Alright I know that this is a little off topic, but the M4Photo Twitter feed is now beginning to get some posts published to it and I thought that it was time to give the profile a little TLC.

Searching my latest photograph libraries, I once again found myself browsing the photographs taken at the Time to Breathe gig that I was fortunate enough to photograph earlier this year at the Pemberton Centre in Rushden.  A very quick resize and crop to suit the 1252 x 626 size that Twitter was asking for and I finished up with the new header copies above.

I really love this image in this header, it just seems to work somehow.  Now if only Twitter would give me the ability to move the logo and test slightly to the right and it would be just Ace.

If you want to follow M4Photo on Twitter, please log into your Twitter account and run a search for M4Photo @M4Photo1 and you should find me.  Oh, and thanks in advance for following.


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