Eclipse – Regionals in Leicester

Eclipse Gymnastics, Leicester Regionals

Eclipse Gymnastics at the Leicester Regionals

Today Ellie and I will be heading off to Leicester for the Gymnastics Regional Tournament.  Ellie was only competing in the afternoon and with four groups competing during the day (one at lunchtime) this was an opportunity to test myself once again.

The venue was interesting because there was a large tiered seating area along the left side of the floor and no access whatsoever to the front or right side.  Furthermore, when we got there all of the seats alongside the floor had been taken and I found myself behind the far left corner.  Not the best place.

I’d been invited along at the Eclipse photographer and seeing other clubs taking photographs from the front right side, I made my way over to where the Eclipse gymnasts were waiting to be called forward.  Less than a minute later, I found myself being quizzed quite forceably about what I was doing, what the images were to be used for and I was quickly kicked out of the area and back to the seating area.  So much for clubs being allowed to take photographs.  Hey Ho, the joys of photography.

In the end the guy did me a favour.  The professional photographer would position himself towards the front right edge of the floor and this gave him a background of spectators and more worryingly a family who were seated right up against the floor at the back left edge.  Those people would form a lovely background, even if F2.8 was the order of the day.

Thankfully, the lighting in the gymnasium was better than most and I found myself a little home at the top of the tiered seating at the front left of the floor.  A little further back than I would have liked, but with images shot in RAW and large format selected, I knew that some post shoot cropping would have some nice images for the website and the club to use.

The Eclipse Gymnastics gallery is password protected because the images are of children and for this reason it is not openly available for viewing.  However, if you are one of the competitors, please see Terry who will be happy to give you the club’s username and password.

All in all, another great day shooting images and I have since received some amazing feedback from some of the parents, one of which told me that my images were better than the professional at the venue – motivation indeed :-D.


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