Time To Breathe

Time To Breathe

Time To Breathe

Time To Breathe are an amazing local Pink Floyd tribute band and a wonderful bunch of guys and girls.  The music was outstanding and the vocals during Great Gig In The Sky, were just wonderful.  It was great to be there listening to the band, but being given the chance to photograph the day, it was more work that pleasure on this occasion.

2014 is going to be a strange year for M4Photo.  I now have the camera but I still have a huge list of things to purchase on my wish list.  However, the first priority is to test myself and get out there.  So, seeing the Time To Breathe promotional banner in the Pemberton Centre‘s reception, I dropped the band an email to ask if I could photograph the day.  To my surprise and excitement, I got a yes please reply.

So, earlier today and with my kit packed and batteries fully charged and ready to go, I headed  off to the venue for a long day.  Everyone within the band were very nice and they made me feel welcome from the off.  With a ‘go anywhere’ brief, both before and during the show, this was going to be a great day.

I started by taking a few shots of the band setting up the stage and then some during the sound and lighting checks.  Most of these were to plan for the evening and looking at the running order of tracks, I was going to be everywhere.

There is not too much to say about shooting a music gig.  The lighting is often low and very changeable, the stage was small with all of the bands kit on it and getting into position when the lighting was right was the biggest challenge.  As with all shoots like this one, many images would find the cutting floor, but I was really pleased to find that the vast majority of the images made the website.

Better still, Big Rock Promotions have already used a couple of the images and the Pemberton Centre have requested a number of images for future promotional use.  The comments from the band were also very welcome and encouraging, especially as I have never undertaken a shoot of this kind before.

The images will be published shortly when the website goes live and I will edit this posting to include the link to the Time To Breathe gallery which will be an open gallery so people can see what I produce.


UPDATE:  The Time to Breathe gallery can be viewed by clicking here and those of you that like the saxophone, I have created a separate gallery for Jon Hickson.