Welcome to M4Photo

M4Photo's LogoWell, a new year and I have finally decided to listen to the many people that have told me to make my photography skills more readily available. Well, there are only so many times people can tell you that you are good enough to do something.

The main turning point though was that the turn of the New Year presented me with the opportunity to secure a new professional grade camera to replace my trusty, but now aging, Canon EOS 20D.  Following much deliberation and research, I have opted for the Canon EOS 5D Mk III, with a couple of premium lenses.  The Canon 1DX was on the list, but that would have eaten into the budget too much and the 5D option allowed the purchase of the fabulous 70-200mm USM lens and one that will be keen with my sports photography.

Eclipse Gymnastics have given me the opportunity to shoot a number of sessions and this will give me a chance to get to know the camera, lenses and to learn a few lessons. Shooting at Eclipse will test me with some of the harshest conditions for shooting images – very fast action with the tumble squad, mixed with low light and the inability to use flash. The perfect nightmare and if I can do a decent job here, I’ll be set for anything.

During March I hope to have the M4Photo website up and running and with a few galleries published. I have some plans to break with tradition and it will be interesting to see how things pan out during 2014.

For now, I simply have the camera, a logo, a wonderful camera setup and bags of enthusiasm.

Wish me luck and here goes nothing.